Organic Herbs For Cooking, Drinking And Around The Home

The labeling of food can be a bit confusing. Words like natural and healthy are presented with abandonment, but they extremely have little meaning in terms of real quality standards that are met. But the term organic has a standardized meaning when used in food labeling. In addition, this applies to organic herbs that are available online like bulk herbs and dried herbs. These organic herbs may be used in cooking, as teas and as an element in personal and household care products.

What Does Organic Mean?

The organic herbs have been cultivated following strict guidelines to ensure their quality. Namely, organic herbs should be grown without the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, food additives, herbicides, and antibiotics or hereditarily modified organisms. The land on which such herbs are grown in bulk should not have used these chemicals for some years before the production of organic foods. The farmer or the company requires keeping detailed records that give an audit trail on how the food crops were grown.

However, organic food products should be kept different from non-organic foods to avoid cross-contamination, and government agencies conduct on-site inspections to make sure that food produced by companies or farmers meets organic standards. The oversight agencies involved with organic food certification are the National Organic Program and the United States Department of Agriculture. The certification is managed at the state level, by private or non-profit agencies recognized at the federal level. By the way, organic herbs will have a label and a symbol indicating that their organic status meets these standard guidelines. Read more.

Dried Herbs For Cooking

Having a variety of dried herbs on hand in the kitchen is very useful when it comes time to cook. Special herbs and spices are connected to different cuisines around the world. Greek cuisine is based on dried herbs like oregano, mint, lemon rind, and spices such as garlic to produce wonderful dishes like dolmades or grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat, and to garnish leg of lamb in the Greek style. In addition, Italian dishes from various regions get their flavor from dried herbs like thyme, basil, bay leaf and spices such as ground black pepper.

Herbs As Tea

There are several black teas that are based on herbs like Camellia Sinensis, whose leaves form the basis of traditional black tea. Green tea and herbal tea, as well as chai tea, make wonderful drinks in the morning, noon or evening those are in nature low in calories and several offer sweetness and spiciness as part of their attraction.


You can find several organic herbs from retailers online, who can answer questions and offer you with these excellence products. Until relatively recently, the term organic was not usually heard concerning food and personal care products. On the other hand, as the interest in health has increased, people become more aware of the benefits that derive from the use of organic products and mainly organic herbs. Click here for more information: