Growing Coriander Tips

Growing Coriander Tips

Buying coriander seeds in hopes of growing your own at home can be a wonderful idea. More people now-a-days have to be more self-reliant and while herbs might not seem such a big leap, it’s a great start. Also, it’s a simple hobby for you to enjoy and it’s not too difficult once you get the hang of it. Unfortunately for many newcomers, coriander doesn’t grow as they would like and it’s quite frustrating. There are however, many simple tricks that could help grow coriander successfully. There are only few organic herbs that are used these days.

Space Wisely

If you bunch together the seeds, coriander won’t grow. You are going to find there is no room for the seeds to take shape and that in the end there’ll be little to no coriander produced. Instead you must space the coriander seeds wisely. You need to give at least four inches of space between each seed when planted so that it has sufficient room.

Mist the Soil Regularly

At the beginning of the growing process, the soil must be misted. Now, this is something which often is neglected and yet it’s crucial for good positive growth. Also, misting will help to ensure the seeds are moist which is needed in the beginning phases. You must mist the soil on a day-to-day basis so that the seeds have the best chance of sprouting. Coriander seeds can require a lot of moisture so they grow quickly and effectively. Without misting regularly, the seeds are not going to sprout as they should.

Forget About Planting in a Small Container or Pot

Planting pots might seem ideal for those who want an easy-to-grow coriander bush but it’s not really the best solution. You have to remember, the seeds can grow and grow and when they do, they need a lot of space to do so. Plant pots aren’t always able to offer sufficient space which again causing several growth issues. That is why coriander seeds should be planted in a nice open area such as in the garden itself. This will be the only real way to ensure the coriander grows as it should without too much trouble. However, when the seeds are growing, ensure there is also enough space between each seed so the leaves don’t starve sunlight or water.

Growing Coriander Tips

Maintain Them Regularly

Gardening doesn’t have to be your thing in order for you to grow coriander and let’s be honest there isn’t a lot of work that is needed for the maintenance of them either. However, you do have to keep the area clear of dirt and paws that might damage the leaves as they’re sprouting. Also, when you’re going to remove the coriander, the stems are the things you should remove. However, don’t cut the stem halfway up, you want to snip at the bottom so you get the rich flavors coming through. It may also be wise to keep adding coriander seeds every few weeks to ensure you have sufficient amounts later.

Grow Successfully

Small gardening projects such as growing herbs in the garden can be very appealing and quite simple as well. You do not have to spend a lot of time, money or energy into growing coriander and as long as you plant wisely and keep a close eye on them, there shouldn’t be too much trouble. Coriander seeds can give you a new lease of gardening lifestyle and once you succeed with coriander, you can move onto bigger things! For more details about natural organics read here