Finding a Suitable Substitute for Coriander

Finding a Suitable Substitute for Coriander

Everyone is searching for coriander seeds as they think it’ll offer them more flavor when preparing dishes. Getting a good amount of flavor into a dish is crucial because if there is no flavor you have a very bland and tasteless dish. Unfortunately many often find it difficult to work with herbs and spices as they have little or no knowledge of these things. They aren’t actually difficult to work with if you think about it. Coriander is the same and yet many go in search for a simple alterative. So, are there any substitutes to coriander and if so, which should you be choosing? Learn more details about spice for sale at

Cumin Seeds

If you want a potential substitute for coriander then you might want to consider cumin seeds. Cumin isn’t too overbearing, it’s subtle with a nice kick to it. You can find it adds quite a punch when added to certain dishes, especially when adding more flavor to it. If you weren’t too sure about cumin however, you could always add turmeric to the dish. This is quite powerful for some and it contains cumin so you could find a nice new balance there.

Finding a Suitable Substitute for Coriander

Understand the Flavors You Want So You Can Find a Suitable Substitute

Cumin is one amazing alternative to coriander and if you add it just right, you get a wonderful dish. Of course, it’s difficult to work with certain ingredients like coriander seeds and if you aren’t really sure what you’re doing, you can often make the wrong decision. However, if you understand the type of flavors you want you can actually find a good coriander substitute. This isn’t as difficult as you think and you really can find something which adds a new element to your dishes.

Try and Test – The Proven Method

To be honest, finding a suitable replacement or substitute for coriander can seem very difficult at first. You have an array of ingredients that you could use instead of it and if you aren’t too well educated on herbs then it’s a real head-scratcher. However, you do have a good selection of herbs and other such ingredients to choose from. As said, cumin seeds and even some fennel are great additions but you don’t know what’s going to work until you try them. Trying and testing a few different herbs and spices will be ideal for you in finding the very best combinations and substitutes. Cumin seeds for highest steam level are just one option to try but you have many others and you should try a few of them. This would really open your eyes to a world of new herbs and it’s quite inexpensive to do also.

Love Coriander Seeds – Work with Many Alternatives

Coriander on its own can seem bland which is why opting for a lovely combo mix would be ideal. You can absolutely substitute coriander for something else like cumin but it might be better to actually work alongside it. There is no rule stating you can’t mix and match your herbs or spices and it might just enhance flavors far more. Whether you choose cumin seeds, turmeric or something very different, enjoy adding them to your dishes today.Continue Reading..