4 Kitchen Items Which Can Replace Your Beauty Routine

Beauty Routine

When it comes to your beauty routine, it’s likely that you have a selection of products to choose from. And as great as these products likely are, the chances are that they each contain a sleuth of chemicals which you are putting on your skin.

As you can imagine, putting chemicals on your skin over a long period of time can have detrimental effects on how you look and how you feel. And while it can seem like there is no alternative, below are four great ways you can replace chemical laden items in your bathroom for natural kitchen based counterparts.


If there has been one product which is synonymous with helping people get to work on time, arrive at school awake and ready, or even just be nice people, it’s coffee! It’s the world’s favorite morning beverage. However, did you know that along with waking up your brain it can also wake up your skin?

Rubbed over your face and skin, coffee granules can work as a great way to remove dead skill cells from your body and make way for new and smoother skin. Take a tablespoon of coffee granules and mix with a little bit of water. Not enough water to turn the coffee into liquid, but just enough to make a rough paste. Using your fingertips, apply this to gently scrub away dead skin cells.


Of course, it isn’t all about removing skin cells from your face. It’s also about softening the ones that you do have. For this task, it’s bananas and milk to the rescue. Mash up a banana with a small amount of milk until you achieve a thick paste. Once you have this, paste it on your face and neck and leave it to sit for around 15 to 20 minutes. Once the time has elapsed, use a clean and dry towel to remove the food and enjoy your new face.


On the subject of milk, along with helping to make a banana paste face mask, adding a cup or two to your nightly bath can be a great way to replenish your skin and help it to look and feel healthier. When enjoying your bath it’s important to remember to use full cream milk. While you may have light milk and other types in your fridge, given that you aren’t going to be drinking it, you can take advantage of the benefits full cream milk can provide.

Coconut Oil

Beauty Routine

If you hate putting chemicals around your eyes then you are going to enjoy this tip. The next time that you come home from a night out and need to remove your makeup, instead of reaching for the chemical wipes, reach for some coconut oil and dab it on a cotton pad to help remove your makeup. While you may have to work a little harder than you would with your regular products, not putting chemicals near your eyes is well worth the effort. Another great benefit of coconut oil is how easy it is to remove. This means that instead of staining that new dress you picked up from the Groupon Coupons page for Charlotte Russe will live to see another night out on the town and you won’t have to continue restocking your wardrobe or spending your savings on dry cleaning bills.

Looking your best doesn’t have to mean putting chemicals on your face. With these four tips, you can easily replace many of the items in your daily routine and will be well on your way to a completely natural beauty regime.